Wednesdays With Rajan – 3 (WWR – 3)

Videos: 46 | Duration: 1 Year


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In Wednesdays With Rajan – 3 (WWR-3), the latest online program from Homoeopathic Medical Publishers (HMP), participants learn the intricate art and skill of case-taking, case-analysis, and follow-up.

This program follows both WWR-1, which focused primarily on learning the basics in homeopathy, and WWR-2, where advanced lectures on the Sensation Method were presented.

WWR-3 focuses on the newest evolution in practice, including the Synergy Approach and The 8-box Method. In this course, participants will receive advanced training with Dr. Rajan Sankaran where he presents an integration of all methods in case-taking and analysis. WWR-3 also highlights the importance of the techniques used in follow-ups and how to manage long-term follow-ups in practice.

In these lectures, Dr. Sankaran goes into great detail and explains the process of case-taking and analysis with step-by-step instruction, allowing participants to get a sneak-peak into his own thought process and understanding of the art of homeopathy. 

All talks are pre-recorded. You can view them as per your convenience. You will never miss any talk ! 

You will get access for 
12 months from the activation date. 

WWR 3 Syllabus 


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