Plant Subclass & Superclass 1

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In his highly acclaimed Munich seminar 2019 Rajan Sankaran presented new homeopathic insights into botanical subclasses, a missing link so far in the system of Sensation Method. For each of the six subclasses of dicots Sankaran identified a characteristic pattern of reaction – from withdrawal and clinging in Magnoliidae and stability and security in Dilleniidae to violence and destruction in Asteridae. These basic pattern help to understand and recognize many remedy families better.

The six basic patterns of reaction in the botanical subclasses can also be recognized in other kingdoms and thus the correspondent groups in mineral and animals kingdom can form something like superclasses with the botanical subclasses.

This video series of 21 hours is a recording of his talks in two seminars and represents the next step in the development of the Sensation method and is proving most valuable in practice.

All talks are pre-recorded. You can view them as per your convenience. You will never miss any talk ! 

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Plant Subclass & Superclass 1


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