The notion that the mind is the cause and source of disease is an age old philosophy. Our sages preached this idea centuries ago, that a diseased body could be an indication that the mind is not at ease and this factor needs to be addressed first. Thus several diseases once thought to be merely physical dysfunctions are often psychological in origin. Conversely, reality dictates that when the mind is calm, quiet and balanced, it starts to heal the distress, the physical problems start undergoing remission, the immunity gets a boost, the sleep improves and more importantly the relationships become more harmonious and fulfilling. Slowly one starts to become more loving, forgiving and an attitude of reverence develops within for all creatures. Thus connecting to godliness within and transforming self.

Almost every illness is caused or aggravated by stress. The question then is – how to deal with stress? One way is to find the cause of stress and then find a possible solution for stress. With this, we feel better for sometime only to reoccur after a while. The other way one deals with stress is by diverting the mind which again is temporary in nature. So then, is there any permanent solution for the stress? The solution is simple. First we need to realize that the cause of stress is not outside i.e. in the situations around us but lies in how we perceive and react to the outside situations. Stress is the way we perceive experience and react to these external circumstances. We need to be aware that all the perception and reaction occurs within our minds. Our minds are patterned to perceive and react in a specific way. Our mind is a part of our being which has a certain role to perform. Just as our lungs have the role to breathe, heart has the role to pump blood, stomach has role to digest; similarly the mind has the role to think and feel. The problem starts when we start to identify with the mind and then the mind takes control over us. The simple solution to get free from stress is to switch off the mind and tell it to stop thinking when it is not needed. There is one moment in our daily life when the mind stops thinking and feeling. That is when we are asleep. When the mind is resting we experience peace and total silence. But the trick here is to put the mind to rest even when we are awake in order to get in touch with the silence. So leave behind your stress and come forth for an enriching experience.