Practical use of Plant Subclass and Superclass 2

Videos: 23 | Duration: 5 Months


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Dr Sankaran has presented new homoeopathic insights into botanical subclasses, a missing link so far in the system of Sensation Method.

After learning the basic introduction of the Subclasses, Evolution of the Subclasses and the relation between Subclasses and the Superclasses, in Plant Subclass & Superclass – Part 1.

It is now time to enhance your knowledge further about Plant Subclasses and Superclasses. This course consists of in-depth knowledge about the 4th & 5th Subclasses and Superclasses with newer remedies & newer cases. 

So tighten your seatbelts & let us embark on this journey of learning with Dr Sankaran. 

Course video duration - 20 hours

Access for 5 months from the activation date, you can watch the vidoes as many times as you want!

In addition to this, you also get Recording of 4 Live sessions with Dr Rajan Sankaran conducted for this course.
and Recording of Q & A session with Dr. Sankaran.


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