WISE: Witnessing the Inner Song Experience

WISE is an acronym for witnessing the inner song experience.

Deep inside each individual is a specific and distinct energy that shapes who we are including our likes and dislikes, the way we think, act and feel, and finally our illnesses and diseases. This energy pattern is called ‘the other song or inner song’. ‘the other song’ defines our state of being. It determines our perception and response to the world and forms an essential part of our individuality. ‘the other song’ manifests as a core inner sensation which is specific to each individual.

Witnessing means observing from a distance, without judgement, without wanting it or not, without likes or dislikes. Witnessing is observing in the most minute detail.
Inner simply means inward looking. Once we realize the drama is inside and not outside, we then see what the effect of the outside on the inside is. Whatever may be happening on the outside, the focus should be on the effect of that on the inside.

Song means the inner pattern. The pattern or song is like a melody that is playing within us. Irrespective of what is happening externally, the same melody plays within us. This is our inner song.

The Experience of the pattern is not a thought, an emotion, nor an image. It is a sensation or an energy pattern. It is beyond the mind, logic, and reason, and is felt in the body as well as the mind at the same time, revealed through non-human qualities, gestures and energy.

The journey towards healing begins with an awareness of the other song playing inside you.


An extremely useful advantage of the WISE processes is their use in retakes or reviews, especially when the patient is not doing well. In these case the patient is given an appointment with a doctor who is specially trained in conducting the WISE processes. The information that is obtained from the WISE process gives a very clear, unfiltered view to the case and helps to find a homeopathic remedy for the patient.

With awareness that comes from the WISE process over time you will see that :


In a supportive and relaxing environment, patients have the chance to discover their inner song through thoughtfully created reflective processes, called WISE, leaving them with a feeling of being inspired and deeply nourished.

Being aware of and experiencing their inner song allows one to understand the causes of stress, and also, helps to reduce the intensity and effect of that stress on us. As this happens we can come out of the fixed melody that rules our lives and have freedom to be and live in the now.


WISE process is not psychotherapy. It is not a treatment or a therapy that follows a specific, therapist-client interaction, nor does it follow a specific method or school of psychology. It is a process of witnessing the inner pattern that underlies the person’s fears, dreams, experiences.

When we explore our deepest patterns, we see that it is so individual, so illogical, so strange, that our childhood incidences or familial patterns are not able to explain it. In fact, we might see that the way we responded to the situations in our childhood, is itself based on the pattern. The truth is WHAT IS, and not WHY IS. Awareness of the deepest level of WHAT IS, is healing.

The WISE processes take us very deep, it goes to the level of collective universal
unconsciousness which includes animals, plants , minerals, rhythm and music.
The fundamental philosophy is that you don’t have to do something. We don’t have to change our perception or behaviour, just the awareness of the deepest pattern in itself is healing.