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Homeopathy is one of the most well-established holistic healing systems. Discovered in Germany more than 200 years ago, homeopathy has helped heal millions of people in several nations all over the world. Systematic scientific homeopathy treats the persona s a whole, treats each person as an individual, and treats each person with a remedy that matches who he/she is. Such a remedy strengthens and stimulates each one’s inherent innate healing power and thus helps in all medical conditions. It also lays a lot of emphasis on a person’s state of mind and the remedy helps heal the person mentally as well as physically.

As science homeopathy has been constantly evolving, getting more refined, and has developed modern techniques and also the latest software to help the homeopath get more accurate results.

Dr. Rajan Sankaran is known as one of the innovators and teachers of homeopathy worldwide.

His work which is often called THE SENSATION METHOD is now practiced by thousands of homeopaths all over the world.

Dr. Sankaran’s Homeopathy clinic was established in the year 1955 by Dr. P. Sankaran, LIM, FCEH, DFHom (London), DHT (USA), and FHMS (Maha.); who was a noted homeopath and teacher of homeopathy at the Homeopathic College (Bombay).

Healing is an experience that encompasses the whole of you, i.e. your mind, body, and soul.

To facilitate this process, we aim to create the perfect ambiance of silence, peace, and calm at the clinic so that you can be at ease and receive the best homeopathy can offer to you.

You are now part of a beautiful development that aims at bringing about a much better quality of life and overall health

We welcome you on this journey of healing.

Know Your Treatment

1. Please email info@sankaransclinic.com with the following details:

2. You will get a reply from info@sankaransclinic.com to confirm that we can help with your treatment.

3. The Process of Treatment entails:

Filling up a detailed CASE RECORD FORM.

For ADULT CASE RECORD FORM CLICK HERE: https://rajansankaran.com/adult-patient-case-form/

For CHILD CASE RECORD FORM CLICK HERE: https://rajansankaran.com/child-patient-case-form/

4. This form has to be emailed to info@sankaransclinic.com

5. Then you need to call 9322265836 to book your appointment. This appointment will be termed as confirmed once you make the payment as discussed on phone.


This payment assures you: The first consultation with Dr. Rajan’s Team Doctor, your first consultation with Dr. Rajan Sankaran, and medicines for 1 month.


The first consultation will be with one of the skilled doctors from Dr. Rajan’s Team, who will read and discuss all the details you have written in your case record form. This consultation can be ONLINE or IN- PERSON as per your comfort.  You may bring any additional reports that you need to show the doctor. This consultation can take from 1-2 hours.


Once your case is taken by a Clinic Doctor, you need to fix an appointment with Dr. Rajan Sankaran at a later date. This consultation can take from 15- 30 minutes and Dr. Sankaran will decide on a remedy for you. Then the medicines can be collected by you/ sent to you.


You shall follow up with your assigned TEAM DOCTOR, once in 1 to 1.5 months with your progress.

Dr. Rajan Sankaran shall see you once in 3 months to monitor your progress.





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