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Retreat is an ongoing process which helps us to evolve. This retreat is more of an instrument for inner growth and building connection within.

AWARENESS : Awareness is the key principle of the retreat. We bring group awareness through WISE processes such as drumming, movement, music, painting, nature walks, rhythm, working on relationships, overcoming childhood crisis, death process – facing the only reality of life. All this directs us towards healing.


And many more life questions… where we feel stuck in a frequency
A frequency that leads to the cacophony, instead of a melodious rhythm…
The answer, lies within…
WISE Retreat
Dr. Rajan Sankaran MD (Hom) is an internationally renowned thinker, teacher, writer and innovator of the Homeopathic system of medicine and also path breaking concepts such as WISE and Sensation method. His contribution in the world of classical music has been over 35 years and this has contributed in innovating the Raga App that is also healing. His meditation process has been benefited by far and wide and you can find them on youtube easily.

He has been a seeker in the area of spirituality. Dr Sankaran’s lucid style and simplicity also makes him very popular as a teacher amongst homeopaths world wide. His seminars and webinars on inner witnessing has been very profound and the results of the WISE process was studied deeply across many countries and the results were amazing. 80% of the participants found the WISE process has a significant effect on their life. 20% of the participants found the WISE process to be life transforming.


You are most welcome to continue earlier or stay on to continue the transformation..

People from all kinds of backgrounds can participate. The program is not suitable for minors and severely ill individuals. You do not need to be an athlete, marathon runner or a meditator to participate in the program. Seekers & explorers of every ilk are welcome!

If you are living abroad then we are also currently planning WISE retreats in both Brazil and Romania which may be more convenient to attend. For more information on these events please see use the below link :

The activities in the program involve mild to moderate physical activity and inner work but provides opportunities for recreation and rest. The retreat gets over on the fifth day afternoon but we advise that you take a few hours after that to be with yourself and contemplate. We also recommend to keep the following couple of days post the retreat slow paced. Ideal to take the day off, if not at least start work late.

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The 5 day retreat is based on:

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