Monks, Monkeys and Memories Reflections on Life’s Journey

Author : Rajan Sankaran

  • ISBN : 979-8893228519
  • Cover : Soft cover
  • Pages : 246
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Life’s journey is dotted with significant events that teach us invaluable lessons. Yet, it is in the subtleties of small things which are often overlooked, that we discover the true spirit of life.

Monks, Monkeys and Memories is a travelogue of such a journey. It recounts people and situations the author has come across in his life. These events reveal an evolution within the author. It is from a restless ‘monkey’ mind towards the serene wisdom of a monk.

Easy to read, entertaining, funny and yet deeply introspective, these stories offer ample space between the lines, inviting the reader to explore life’s essence. They also serve as a travel guide for their personal journey.


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