The Sensation in Homoeopathy

Author : Rajan Sankaran

  • ISBN: 978-81-901103-6-5
  • Cover: Hard Cover
  • Pages: 720
  • Book Type: Print Edition
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Book Preview :

This  much  awaited     book    describes,   using    numerous case examples, the concept  and  use of  Rajan Sankaran’s latest  and perhaps most significant contribution,  ‘The Seven Levels of Experience’ which enables a homoeopath  to know at all times, in any given case, where to  begin and where to aim. In this way of working, a definitive pathway for case taking is provided, a means by which to observe and utilize the active energy patterns of the  patient  (hand gestures and body movements), plus a way of matching the patient’s level to the remedy potency that  is required.

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Another  key component  of  this  system has to  do  with  becoming attuned   to  the  patient’s  sensations. There is a  certain  energy  in precise sensation(s) having to  do with  both  the  chief complaint  and the  general state  of  the  patient   which  has enormous  significance. Or. Sankaran has termed these as the vital sensations. Vital sensations are not   merely  physical  symptoms  or  emotions,   but   rather  the common sensations that connect the mind and the body. Indeed the vital level is deeper than the mind or the body; it is at the center point of the diseased state. These are non-human specific phenomena  i.e. not exclusive to  the domain of only human beings and thus take us directly to the source of the remedy itself.

Dr. Sankaran’s system incorporates miasm and kingdom classification (plant  animal, mineral, nosode etc.) as well as the  ‘Levels’ into  one comprehensive, sophisticated, yet elegantly simple way  of perceiving the patient. It is a quantum  leap in the understanding of disease and has resulted in remarkably increased level of success and the  use of numerous  remedies, including  some not  well  proved ones and yet others previously not even known.  In many other cases one has been able to use old  remedies in  an  entirely new  light   with  a  deeper understanding.[/read]


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