Sankarans Plant Sensation in Picture

Author : Rajan Sankaran

  • ISBN: 978-93-80355-81-8
  • Cover: Soft Cover
  • Pages: 44
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Initially when Sandra Petri approached me with her manuscript I felt that this would be a useful addition to the books on sensation since it gives a visual impression of the sensation of the various plant families.

As they say ‘One picture is worth a thousand words’. I felt that Sandra Petri’s visual representations to be aligned to my experience of the families. I also liked the idea of the whole book being sort of informal or more at an artistic level rather than something very structured or formal.

I believe this also is in the spirit of the plant kingdom. We therefore felt that it is best to preserve the originality of the work including the handwriting rather than use formal typesetting.

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This book is offered to the students and practitioners of homoeopathy with the trust that it will further help in getting not only the words of each family but an actual live experience by a look at the illustrations.

The best way of using the book would be to not only look at the pictures or the drawings but to put oneself in that position and observe one’s experience of it.

This book is also offered with the injunction that it should not be used as a shortcut but only as a synopsis after having studied the more comprehensive works on the plant families which are the content of the books An Insight into Plants (Volume 1, 2 & 3), and after a good grasp of the entire concept of the sensation as delineated in my earlier works namely The Sensation in Homoeopathy, Sensation Refined and The Other Song.

From the foreword by Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Book Reviews – Homoeopathic Links – Spring 2012  Vol. 25 Page : 63
Reviewed by Prem Bharati Ankalgi Devkota, USA

This first edition of plant sensations in the form of pictures is a very creative presenta­tion by the authors. Petri has freely used her imaginative thinking to create pictures for the sensations of plant families based on Sankaran’s source words, which are pre­sented on the same page. This book can be used as a reference book to refresh as well as gain knowledge about Sankaran’s plant sensations in picture form with their symp­toms.

One page represents one family in this book. With each plant family you find a list of remedies belonging to it. For example, the Geraniales plant family is presented with remedies like Ayahuasca, Tribulus ter- restrism, Cuajacum, Oxalis acetosa, Coca, and Cocain. Images of marathons, trekking, mountaineering, wandering, etc., provide memorable pictures of this plant family covering these themes. Of each family source words for its active reaction and passive reaction are given. For example the active reaction of the Geraniales is “euphor­ic, stimulated” and the passive reaction is expressed through “immobility, weakness, and prostration” (Fig. 1)

In a similar way the book covers 34 plant families. Some are presented with related differential families. With each family there are more than two pictures to help memo­rise its sensations.

The book is very helpful in that it presents a great number of remedies within a few pa­ges. Sankaran’s three volumes “An Insight into Plants” are presented in a condensed way. 1 absolutely agree though with the statement of Dr. Sankaran in the foreword where he states that this book cannot be used as a shortcut but only as a synopsis after having studied the more comprehen­sive work on Plants and Sensation methods.

This book is spiral bound. It is easy to carry and can be used at your desk for quick ref­erence. It has an attractive cover with the author’s hand drawn pictures. Besides the pages on plant families the book consists of an Introduction, Bibliography, Keywords and Index with 295 remedies.

I would recommend this book to students and practitioners using the sensation method as a synopsis of the plant remedies.

For the next edition, I would recommend in­cluding page numbers to make it easier for the reader to track the pages and content from the index.[/read]

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