Homoeopathy and the Elements – Jan Scholten

Author – Jan Scholten

  • ISBN: 978-90-74817-05-9
  • Cover: Hard Cover
  • Pages: 880
  • Book Type: Print Edition

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The subject of this book is Homoeopathy and the elements of the periodic system. The remedy pictures of almost all the elements of the periodic system are described.

The periodic system is a table of all existing elements, the atoms, from Hydrogen to Radon, and all the radioactive elements, such as Uranium and Plutonium. The table has rows and columns in which the elements are grouped. A theory is developed about the use of the periodic system in Homoeopathy. This theory shows that every row and every column has a specific theme. The seven rows are called series. The first series, the Hydrogen series, has the theme of coming into being.

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The second series, the Carbon series, has the theme of the development of the Ego. The third series, the Silicium series, shows the theme of relationships. The fourth series, the Iron series, covers the theme of work. The fifth series, the Silver series, has the theme of creativity. The sixth series, the Gold series, shows the theme of the king, the leader.

Each series shows a development: the theme of the series is developed in eighteen stages. These stages, the columns, describe a development: starting a theme, rising, coming to a top, then declining again and in the end comes the loss.

In this theory every element can be described by the concepts of the series and the stage the element is in. A total picture is given of the periodic system as a spiral. Every wind of the spiral is a series or row. And every radiant is a stage or column. The spiral pictures the expanding consciousness: from the consciousness of the Ego in the beginning to that of the neighbourhood, a village, a city, a country and in the end the whole universe.

“When you have seen that a patient who doubts for years what to do with his life, takes clear decisions suddenly after a dose of Scandium, and also executes them (and has got rid of all kind of fears at the same time), you want to have this book at your desk next to the Repertory.”[/read]

Franf Kusse, SSC, Vol 26, Nr 2, 1996

British Homoeopathic Journal

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