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Author : Roger Morrison

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The perpetual challenge of all students of homeopathy, whether beginner or experienced, is the overwhelming volume of detailed symptoms in our Materia Medicas. We constantly strive to simplify the information, to sort out the clinically useful from the non-distinguishing and general symptoms, to grasp in a single picture the essential features of the remedy. Compounding this difficulty is the fact that most of our sources belong to another era in time; the rapid changes and unique pressures of modern society have brought forth new facets of our remedies, and even well- known symptoms are expressed in a modern idiom which obscures their relationship to the material in older texts.

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This task of separating the truly essential from the commonplace, and adapting the form to present day expression, has been approached by Roger Morrison with characteristic dedication. Building on his innate scholarly mastery of the classical literature sources and his advanced training in Greece with George Vithoulkas, he has passed what he has been given through the filter of his own extensive clinical experience. This work, seven years in preparation, has resulted not only in a remarkable blending of the old and the new, but has come truly close to achieving the perfect balance between too much and too little. The information is reliable and clearly presented in such a form as may be easily accessed in the midst of the demands of everyday practice. Yet the true depth and precision of this text only reveals itself after careful study and reflection in the quiet of one’s own home.

This book should be a mandatory addition to the library of every homeopath, occupying a place on the desk next to the repertory.


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