An Insight into Plants (Vol. 1 & 2)

Author : Rajan Sankaran

  • ISBN: 978-81-901103-3-4
  • Cover: Hard Cover
  • Pages: 1006
  • Book Type: Print Editon
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This is the book by  the author of   ThSpirit  of  Homoeopathy,  The  Substance  of Homoeopathy  and The System  of Homoeopathy   The earlier books proved tobe  milestones in Homoeopathy introducing the ideas of delusions,   miasms and kingdoms.  In this book Dr. Sankaran provides a framework of how the plant kingdom can be classified and understood.

He   traces the   common sensation of each family and shows how this  sensation can  be seen in the  remedies in that    family. The remedies are  differentiated  by the miasm to  which they belong. Thus a grid of plant remedies is created that  looks like the  periodic table of the  elements.

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Illustrated with over a  hundred  successfully  treated cases  and several provings,  this    book  opens  up   the   plant  kingdom  as never before.

Dr. Sankaran also introduces his new approach to case taking   which emphasizes the importance of going beyond body and mind to what he terms the vitasensation. He explains  how a thorough  understanding of  the   chief complaint  itself leads to  this   deeper  level and  acts   as  the  pivot around which the  case revolves.

Used in conjunction with the understanding of the plant families, this    new  approach  has    shown  remarkable results  in  practice.

Rajan Sankaran has added a new and vital discovery to homoeopathyAfter  his  importansteps  about  thbasidelusion and situational materia medica in his book “The Spirit of Hornoeopathy” this  new  discovery   is  a  major breakthrough.”


.…   Jan Scholtein his Foreword

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