People from all kinds of backgrounds can participate. The program is not suitable for minors and severely ill individuals. You do not need to be an athlete, marathon runner or a meditator to participate in the program. Seekers & explorers of every ilk are welcome!

If you are living abroad then we are also currently planning WISE retreats in both Brazil and Romania which may be more convenient to attend. For more information on these events please see use the below link :

Homoeopathic Research and Charities, Apati (HRC) 410401

For participants coming by road for the retreat, the meeting point is Rama Krishna Restaurant, Old Mumbai-Pune Highway, Gautam Park Society, Gawliwada, Rao Colony,
Lonavala- 410401.

Phone no: +912114 272862.

A volunteer will be waiting there and will guide everyone to the destination venue. This happens on the first day of the retreat at 8 am sharp. You will come by your own or hired transport that can be shared between participants till this point. From here, the transport can be merged and shared till the final destination. There are parking facilities at the final destination Centre. The volunteer in charge would have co-ordinated for the transport and other detailed arrangements for this a few days prior to the retreat.

For participants travelling by train, the closest station is Lonavala station. From Lonavala station, an autorickshaw can be hired (a volunteer can help with that). Travelling by bus, Lonavala bus stand or Rama Krishna Restaurant mentioned above will be convenient.

For residents of Mumbai, transport to & from to the location may be arranged and a separate fee will be charged for the same. More details will be provided via email upon confirmation on your registration.

Distance from Lonavala train station: 12 kms, takes about 40 minutes.
Distance from Lonavala Bus Stand: 13 kms, takes about 40- 43 minutes.
Auto fare: approximately Rs 400-600

The activities in the program involve mild to moderate physical activity and inner work but provides opportunities for recreation and rest. The retreat gets over on the fifth day afternoon but we advise that you take a few hours after that to be with yourself and contemplate. We also recommend to keep the following couple of days post the retreat slow paced. Ideal to take the day off, if not at least start work late.

The concepts of holism can be truly understood when we are one with the nature. Being part of the entire cosmic nature. Distanced from the daily preoccupations, we find participants to be better able to focus on their self-discovery, experiencing a larger identity.

The program is integrated and immersive in nature, and missing part of the workshop is a sure way of missing out on the self-learning processes that the retreat seeks to facilitate in participants.

You may. However, we would like your undivided attention during the program, and in our experience, we find that this is often unlikely if you come accompanied with a friend / partner/ spouse/ family member.

Some cell phones work, while others don’t. It is best to give your phone a little holiday while you attend the program. You will be required to keep your phones switched off during all program activities. You will also be required to deposit your phones with us on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th day of the retreat. We will provide you with emergency numbers for the family to contact.

There is no wi-fi at the venue. Again, we recommend to give your social media presence and work e-mail a holiday from your constant need of it.

No, we don’t. We hope what your take back from the program will be much more valuable than any printed piece of paper.

This program is not suitable for children

No, you may not bring a dog or other pet.

The program is designed to connect you with yourself and with nature. So be prepared to merge with the elements and give your sanitizer a break. You will share rooms on twin or triple sharing basis. There is no T.V, air-conditioning or any other modern-day luxury. 

A complete detailed list of packing is available on
• Comfortable clothes- avoid sarees.
• Warm clothes
• Personal toiletries
• Torch & extra batteries
• Mosquito repellent
• Sunscreen/Hat/Sunglasses
• Any prescription medications you are taking.

Simple, healthy whole plant based meals will be provided, served with love. We also have an expert nutritionist who spends time talking about balancing nutrients, guides about mindful eating and shares practical tips for the real world.

Drinking, smoking or any other recreational drugs are strictly prohibited.

We have regular meditation, Satsangeet and other sessions conducted at The Other Song to remind yourself with what you have experienced at the retreat.

If you register with us, we will send you emails and messages about the events conducted. There are links that are shared on this site that you could look up.

we work as a community and you are welcome to register as a volunteer to help out.

The greatest reward for us would be your referrals. We also have special workshops for corporates called Mindfulness, Music and Mediation that share a taste of the retreat at their space. If you do know of any institutions, corporate set ups that we could share our programs with please do get in touch with us. For more details on the special programs please visit

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