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  • Cover: Hard Cover
  • Pages: 328
  • Book Type: Print Edition

WISE Pack includes following :

1. From Shadow to Light
2. Sankaran DeWise

In the book From Shadow to Light, Dr. Sankaran introduces his latest approach to case-taking  called the WISE (Witnessing the Inner Song Experience ) processes. One of the main benefits of using the unique WISE processes is that it serves as a really good bypass from the patient’s life story and situation and takes us directly into his imagination and  core experience.  What emerges from the process makes the homoeopathic remedy very clear for the physician. The processes also can prove therapeutic for the patient.  Through detailed cases Dr. Sankaran takes us step by step into this journey. The WISE processes take Homeopathic case taking to a level far deeper than ever before. 

Sankaran DeWise is a very useful tool.  Beautifully produced, it looks like a desktop calendar and serves three very important functions.

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