The Soul of Remedies

Author : Rajan Sankaran

  • ISBN: 978-93-80355-99-3
  • Cover: Soft Cover
  • Pages: 256
  • Book Type: Print Edition
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Book Preview : 

The Soul of Remedies
Clear, concise, confirmed descriptions of the inner view of a hundred remedies, and how they express this in the clinical situation.
This is a companion volume to Rajan Sankaran’s earlier works, The Spirit of Homoeopathy and The Substance of Homoepathy.

Excerpts from Foreword
For a long time, I hesitated to write a book on remedies because I am well aware of the dangers inherent in such an undertaking. In the first place, there is a strong possibility that the reader, especially if he is a beginner in the field, might become fixed on these remedy pictures and forget that every remedy has a wider range and greater scope than any one individual can see or describe.   Read More

– Rajan Sankaran


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