Superclasses in Homeopathy

Author : Rajan Sankaran

  • ISBN : 978 – 81 – 964098 – 0 – 7
  • Cover : Hard Cover
  • Pages : 464
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The Superclass idea is the latest step in the evolution of ideas of Dr Rajan Sankaran. Starting with his concept of disease as a pattern of perception, he went on to originate the Sensation Method which focused on the core experience of the individual and classified the patterns of such experience into Plant, Mineral and Animal kingdoms as well as into Miasms. He then discovered the WISE processes which are tools for directly accessing the person’s core pattern. Within the Plant kingdom, Dr Sankaran started discovering the specific sensation of each family then of each order and of each subclass. There are 6 subclasses of dicotyledons. He observed that the central theme of each subclass of the dicotyledons had things in common with a certain animal group and a certain mineral group. This discovery led to the concept of Superclasses. Each of the 6 Superclasses has a specific dynamic response which connects remedies from the 3 kingdoms. Identifying the Superclass in each individual enables the practitioner to narrow the search for the remedy. The Superclass idea adds a new dimension to the understanding of remedies and people. This understanding has a far reaching and universal applicability and could become an important milestone in the development of homeopathy as well as in the understanding of humans.


  1. P Gupta

    I am thrilled and with goosebump feeling attending the launch of this book on 110623 7.30pm IST.

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    I will give my review later after reading the entire book.

  3. Dr Durgasingh Gautam

    It’s just wonderful to be with him .we never saw hanemann working but we feel how sir work he is all time great in homoeopathy

  4. vivían sittin

    i want to buy the book

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    sangeetha Baldota

    Wanted to order the book

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    Thanks to Dr Rajan sankaran Sir for giving us their ways of treating the patient with so much confirmation of medicines in the easiest path where the chances of relief in their sufferings were very – very strong.
    Today If we don’t have Great Doctor “Dr Rajan Sankaran Sir” then we can’t gave relief to our patients and offcourse the failure always goes to Homoeopathy.
    Your’s follower
    Dr.Prashant Sahu

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    Balvinder singh

    Interesting book

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