Schema 2.0

Author : Rajan Sankaran

  • ISBN : 978-81-964098-5-2
  • Cover : Soft cover
  • Pages : 155
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SCHEMA 2.0 is a synopsis and tabulation of the system approach to Homeopathy and the Sensation method founded by Dr. Rajan Sankaran. Building on widely used Sankaran’s Schema (Published in 2005), Schema 2.0 incorporates his latest ideas including Subclasses, Superclasses and WISE processes. It amalgamates all his earlier tabulations such as DeWise, Subclass Charts, the Superclass Chart and Synergy Synopsis beside the Sankaran’s Schema.

Revised, Resized and Revitalized this amazing reference work will be an essential tool on the desk of the Homeopathic practitioner.


  1. User Avatar


    Really awaiting for such book which can prove to be a handy reference for quick view.
    The homeopaths who are familiar with sensation method, subclass & superclass along with fundaments of homoeopathy, will definitely enjoy this book.

  2. Dr.R.J.Anitha

    Need to gain knowledge from this book

  3. Elkin Maurlcio Vargas Garzon

    Send to colombia ??

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