Practical Application – Learn Materia Medica with Cases

Practical Application – Learn Materia Medcia with Cases


We know that the knowledge of Materia Medica is important, but when we have the clinical cases, this knowledge becomes alive in our mind. When we study cases where the remedies were successfully prescribed, and review once again in retrospect, the indications of the prescriptions, then this understanding helps us to complete the whole picture of the remedy and then we can see the remedy from different perspectives and understand it in a much deeper way.

In Case taking, each time our focus has to be who is the patient. Who is h? who is like this? Who is he that expresses like this? (And not what the expression is or not what the symptom is and what the behaviour is and what the picture is.)

But who is he?

If we get to this somehow in our being then we will be able to see more clearly, where we have to search, where we have to locate the remedy.

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