Homoeopathy and Minerals – Jan Scholten

Author – Jan Scholten

  • ISBN: 978-90-74817-10-7
  • Cover: Soft Cover
  • Pages: 300
  • Book Type: Print Edition

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Review of the book in the SSC (the Dutch Homoeopathic Journal) by Frank Kusse:

“When I met the ideas of Jan Scholten for the first time in December 1992, I was surprised; enormous possibilities offered themselves.

Now, some months later, after having had experiences with these ‘new’ remedies, I can speak of a fundamental revolution in the homoeopathic thinking. The method dan is offering in his book seems too beautiful to be true, but it works! it is not easy to explain this method in a short way, but I shall try to do so with an example from his colleges in February 1993.

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A woman of 30 years comes with a variety of complaints, such as allergy to the sun, pain in the right forehead, sciatica right, intestinal troubles, swollen and painful breasts before menses and fatigue.

Mind; She needs attention, a compliment. I didn’t dare to ask for attention and got irritated when my husband didn’t say anything of my work. My mother had too little time for us and I was the one who managed. I was a ‘big girl’.

The theme of ‘attention’ is found in the Muriaticums and the ‘timidity’ and ‘insecurity’ in the Calciums. The remedy: Calcium muriaticum (‘Desire for attention, but not daring to ask for it’). The woman got cured after the remedy.

By analysing different minerals (Calcium, Natrium, Phosphor, Sulphur, Barium, etc.) and metals, Jan has developed some essential concepts for every element. In practice, it is possible to make many combinations of these concepts and so, find the remedy that fits the patient.

Try to imagine what it means once we have found the essential concepts of every element of the Periodic System… May be that is what Kent felt when he said that all remedies could be found in one kingdom (mineral, plant or animal). The work of Arij Vrijlandt, who has studied the Periodic System in his own way, can get its own place. This book gives us the start; we, practising homoeopaths, have the task to verify and expand this information. A huge work and a fantastic challenge.”


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