Dr. Kshiti Mehta is a seasoned Homeopath with over 15 years of experience treating patients across India and Overseas countries. She has been working at Dr. Sankaran’s Clinic since 2011. Currently, she is heading the Overseas Patient Department. She acquired extensive experience in treating various chronic as well as acute cases through Homeopathy under the excellent mentorship of Dr. Rajan Sankaran.

Earlier, she honed her skills in Homeopathy by working with stalwarts like Dr. Mahesh Gandhi and Dr. Dinesh Chauhan. With their guidance, she gained valuable experience in diverse fields like mental health, psychiatry, and pediatrics.

As a lecturer in a Homeopathic College at Ahmedabad, her lectures were one of the most appreciated.

Dr. Kshiti is passionate about educating patients and the public at large, creating awareness about the effectiveness of Homeopathy. She has been a part of several Homeopathic Awareness Seminars at various forums focussing on treating acute conditions and providing immediate relief. Patient care is a calling for Dr. Kshiti. Her dedication, compassionate nature, listening skills, and patience make her one of the most trusted and sought-after homeopaths.

An avid practitioner of yoga, she likes to follow a holistic lifestyle, along with a plant-based healthy diet and meditation.

Education:                 MD (Hom)
Specialty:                   Respiratory Ailments
Experience:               15 Years