Acceptance….through Awareness by Dr. Rajan Sankaran

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January 14, 2022
On Acceptance by Dr. Rajan Sankaran
February 15, 2022

Acceptance must come from knowledge, from awareness

For example, we see politicians exploiting people. We feel bad about it but we should also know that we live in a community where different types of people exist. Just as in a jungle there are all kinds of animals; there is the tiger, there is the scorpion, there is the rabbit, there are snakes, and so forth, each one having its own inherent nature and traits. Similar in a community, in a society. There are bound to be people with different natures. Moreover, the fact of man exploiting man is not a recent phenomenon; it has been going on since time immemorial. 

Accepting that there is injustice in society, there is exploitation by man, doesn’t mean we have not done something about it. Acceptance can give a more balanced solution where we respond not from our own pattern and sensitivity but actions taken from a more neutral space.

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan said:

“Life is like a game of bridge. We did not frame the rules and we cannot control the dealing. The cards are dealt out to us, whether they be good or bad, but we can play the game well or play it badly.

A skillful player may have a poor hand and yet win the game. A bad player may have a good hand and yet make a mess of it.

Our life is a mixture of necessity and freedom, chance and choice….we may not change events but we can change our approach to events.”

One way is when you don’t accept and say, “what stupid cards, I have got and all these players I am playing with they are terrible people, why am I here?” This brings on frustration, anger, restlessness, impatience, tension and puts your life in misery. 

While the other way is to say, “let me see what cards I have and what can be the best possible way I can use them?” This is a way of acceptance. 

Hence, when you accept things, it opens the possibility to live life in a much better way. 

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