Anju Sachdev

All good very happy with my treatment my life change after taking medicine with sir

Muhammad Akhtar Lakdawala

May Almighty Allah (SWT) keep u Happy & Healthy to serve Needy..

Dr. Durgasingh Gautam

Love the ambiance traveld 15 hours to meet sir it was good to see and hear him he is on a holy mission

Bhavesh Talsania

Dr Dixita, Aloma, Nilesh, Accounts team all are excellent human beings and very good at their job. Thanks for being there for years during challanging journey.

Shri Krishna

Sankaran’s clinic is a single window solution for my all medical problems. The quality of the treatment is superb. The person touch is beyond description. The accessibility is excellent. The ambience of the clinic for in person consultation is excellent. Doctor give enough time to each patient. He gives 100% concentration on each patient who is with him.

Shekhar Aley

Me & my wife both are patients of Dr. Sankaran & we are having extreme beliefs on his treatment.
Unfortunately till now we could not meet Dr. Sankaran physically.
Will be happy if Dr Sankaran starts meeting physically.

Vijay Kumar

Thank You Dr Shankaran for the time spent in explaining the situation and the way forward.
Looking forward to meeting up in person shortly

Uma Shethia

Really appreciate and very much obliged to sir and full time. We family members are since 40 yrs under him🙏

Vanitha Venugopal

Deeply grateful to the clinic and in particular to Dr Sankaran, Dr Dixita and Nilesh for the exceptional care . Thank you

Sadhana Shah

Everything is taken care of very well since so many years.My husband Madhukumar and l are greatly to Dr Sankaran,Dr Dixita and whole team🙏🏻

Juhi Sadarangani

Dr Dixita is very helpful at all times & I really appreciate her sincerity.
Also all the other staff is equally helpful
Thanks & Best Regards to all.

Usha sharma

I really appreciate kasturi ma’am how they take consultation with patient and listen and understand very kindly.


Request to meet Dr Shankeran plz personally Thanku


Excellent service! Especially from Dr Arshia Khan


Great looking forward to consult in person shortly

Lorainne Nair

God bless Dr Sankaran and Dr Dixita

Khayti Sheth

Mother of Arjun Sheth from Virginia, USA

Dr. Kshiti has been a blessing to me and my son. My son Arjun was severely asthmatic and we started Dr Sankaran’s medicine on the suggestion of my guruji who I have complete belief in. Once we started the medicine there were a few hiccups and that was dealt with. Dr. Kshiti wasn’t my original doctor but I got transferred under her care with her being a senior doctor, she dealt the case with extreme care and love. My son was a 3 year old and he had been through a lot. She has made sure she would check on me every time Arjun was unwell. Even with time difference she was just a message away for me. She is truly been a blessing. A doctor every child should have. When we started the treatment, Arjun needed maintenance inhalers every single day. It has been more than 2 years that all his steroid and broncho-dilator inhalers have been totally stopped.

Prashanth Bharadwaj

Mumbai, India

I started homeopathic treatment for my Asthma with Dr. Sankaran’s Clinic. Since then I have been under the care of Dr. Kshiti. There was a time when I needed to use an inhaler twice a day. Over a period of time, thanks to her treatment, I have been able to virtually eliminate the need for an inhaler. I have also been able to take up running and sports activities which I had previously had to give up due to respiratory issues.

The term Care Giver applies completely for Dr. Kshiti. I have found that she is always there when I have needed her,  both for any acute or chronic situation. Her patient and compassionate manner is very comforting and gives me the feeling that I am talking to a good friend who really cares about my health and wellbeing.

I consider myself very lucky to be under her care.

Nisha Sashidharan

Mother of Atharv from Mumbai, India

My younger son was barely two months old when we consulted Dr. Sankaran for bronchiolitis. From then on, he has been under the care of Dr. Kshiti. We have found Dr. Kshiti to be very competent and she has successfully dealt with all further episodes of wheezing, fevers, colds and many childhood illnesses of my son. She has been there supporting us at all times of our need. Her gentle, compassionate nature and dedication has shone through in every interaction of ours. We are truly grateful and immensely reassured that our children have her as their doctor.

Shuklendu Rode

I know Dr Susneha Nadkarni for the Last 4 years. She’s is treating my son Shuklendu for his brain atrophy problem and other known patients for various ailments. I am greatly impressed because of her approach, skill, and dedication, starting from taking details, history to treatment. She periodically reviews progress, makes necessary changes in treatment. Also, she is always available to the patients in emergencies. Her humane approach has therefore rightly earned the praise of her patients. I wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

Seema Shah

A great part of the healing journey of my life has been spent with Dr.Sankaran being my homeopath…he is not only  a  very good  doctor  but a very  nice human  being  too. He has a very efficient  team of assistant  doctors  who  are contactable 24 ×7×365…so it’s  very  relaxing for  me…his treatment  helps  us in knowing  ourselves  better  and being  peaceful….
Right  now ,since  quite  some  time my case is  being  handled  by  Dr. Susneha…I am very  comfortable  and  happy  with  her..She is  an honest, dedicated, patient and a caring  doctor…one who  is  always  ready to  help  when  the need be. She is very  selfless  too, as she has guided me many a times for my queries regarding  camfora for other people too….in the trying times  of the lockdown too she was always there when  I  needed her….
God bless her always 

Ranjan Bhatnagar

I have been with Dr Sankaran’s  Clinic and interacting with Dr Gaurang Gaikwad for the past few years. Initially, I had approached them for my Asthma which was there from childhood. Living in Mumbai for the past several decades I had the occasion to approach many Homeopaths.

However, it was with Dr Gaurang at the clinic, that I really understood how homeopathy works. The need for treating the patient as a whole and the need for correct evaluation of the patient was understood by me thru Dr Gaurang.

It was also a painstaking and patient dealing by Dr Gaurang over the years which has resulted in identifying the correct constitutional medicines for me.

Today my Asthma is under control. My vitiligo for which there is no cure in allopathy is not only under control but reversing.

In fact, my whole family is with him and I do not hesitate in recommending anybody to the CLINIC.

My gift to my children is homeopathy.

Thank you, Dr Sankaran and Dr Gaurang.

Child Health

Treated by Dr. Faiza Khan

The overall experience of handling the case of my daughter Trisha by Sankaran clinic and Dr. Faiza is exceptional. My daughter had allergies from food, dust and so on her immunity was not up to the mark, her weight was not improving. We had visited many doctors before and when we finally visited Sankaran clinic our search was over… We are glad we got help from Dr. Faiza and the entire clinic staff … My daughter is completely recovered and there is absolutely no complaint!!! I and my entire family thank Dr. Sankaran team and his entire staff

Thyroid Treatment

Treated by Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad

I was very Irritable due to my thyroid complaints and high thyroid level, my Thyroid level [TSH] in September 2020 was 103.8 Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad saw my thyroid report and started Homoeopathic treatment, in October 2020 I did thyroid report again and my thyroid level was 4.56 [TSH, within range], it was like a miracle, my irritability also reduced and I am very much satisfied with my treatment.

Joint Pain Treatment

Treated by Dr. Sonali Bhonsle

I was diagnosed with AVN of the hip joint in Sept 2019…All conventional doctors suggested surgery. I was suffering from a lot of pain so I decided to try homeopathy. With 7-8 months of continuous treatment along with regular monthly consultation, I feel a lot better now. In addition, I feel more cheerful, less anxious, and able to handle pressure better, I think it’s due to the holistic approach of homeopathy with able guidance from Dr Sonali. I really want to thank Mam for all the help she did to improve my overall health status.

Respiratory Treatment

Treated by Dr. Kshiti Mehta

I started homeopathic treatment for my Asthma with Dr. Sankaran’s Clinic. Since then I have been under the care of Dr. Kshiti. There was a time when I needed to use an inhaler twice a day. Over a period of time, thanks to her treatment, I have been able to virtually eliminate the need for an inhaler. I have also been able to take up running and sports activities which I had previously had to give up due to respiratory issues. The term Care Giver applies completely to Dr. Kshiti. I have found that she is always there when I have needed her, both for any acute or chronic situation. Her patient and compassionate manner is very comforting and gives me the feeling that I am talking to a good friend who really cares about my health and wellbeing. I consider myself very lucky to be under her care.

My profession is one of an author, a qualified social worker and healer. I have known Dr. Rajan Sankaran for the last five years as a patient, colleague, student and editor.

In 2013, I met Dr. Rajan Sankaran in India for the first time. I was very unwell, with depression, pains in my body and a kind of hopelessness about the way forward. I had been travelling in India when I reached the point where I felt that I could not go on. Dr. Sankaran offered me a consultation. It was nearly three hours long. I had been suffering from memories of severe childhood sexual abuse. I had many symptoms.

At that time Dr. Sankaran prescribed a homeopathic remedy and I came under his care in the ‘other song clinic’ for over four years in Mumbai. The clinic is remarkable, the quality of care is of a higher standard than I have seen anywhere in the world. The day does not end at 5.00 pm and care of patients goes on 24 hrs should the need arise. In the first two years, my nights were often filled with terror and panic. There was always Dr. Sankaran or his registrar, who would immediately respond to a crisis and there were many in those first two years. I wrote to him constantly over the first three years. He is a totally caring physician who goes way beyond the call of duty to meet the needs of his patients. He works tirelessly to secure the health of his patients but also to create training programmes and organisations around the world to teach students advanced knowledge of homeopathic principles and practice, so much so that the homeopathic community worldwide has strength and vibrancy because of his work.

Dr. Sankaran’s life is devoted to his patients, his practice, his teaching, his clinics and organisations. Because of his steadfast work with me, diagnosis and remedy selection I have now healed significantly. His care of me has been incredible, he has always gone the extra mile to help me and I have been part of his retreats, travelled with him to assist in other countries and edited his book Dog, Yogi, Banyan Tree.

He has made a huge contribution not only to his own country but globally, one of the major contributors to holistic and homeopathic medicine, finding remedies and healing for those who have been unable to find relief for their ill health in allopathic medicine.

Carolyn Shanti

Carolyn Shanti is an author and a healer. Her book about the sexual abuse of women and children, Trap, Prey, Lust is being published in London in February this year. The book is dedicated to Dr. Rajan Sankaran. His analysis of her case lies in the front of the book. The novel is based on her own story of sexual abuse as a child. She is a qualified social worker and holds a Master’s degree in Government Studies. She has held healing practices in New York and London.

Dr. Sankaran has a tireless, deeply held commitment to the betterment of the health and well being of human kind. The healing art of homeopathy has been the vehicle for his passion, which he has been practicing since 1980.

His life over the past 40+ years has been an ongoing journey of study, treating patients, teaching students, travelling, talking about, mentoring, presenting cases and discussing homeopathy at every single opportunity that presents itself.

He has been the initiator behind setting up and running many homeopathic organisations – starting with Homeopathic Research and Charities that he began in 1985 for the promotion of quality homeopathic education in India. This organisation continues today and has expanded to acquire a beautiful piece of property outside Mumbai, which is a perfect retreat location for homeopathic residential workshops.

With the spirit of wanting to learn and reach out to create a global homeopathic community, he began inviting international teachers and leaders of the homeopathic world to come and give seminars in India. George Vithoulkas was the first on his speakers list.

This was a huge success and from there he began setting up clinical training programmes for homeopaths all over the world.

All of this was growing while he had his own very busy, full time homeopathic practice, seeing patients all day long and meeting with colleagues to discuss and explore various aspects of homeopathic medicine in the evenings.

All his revelations have had their inception in his daily clinical experience where he applies his highly discerning, meticulous, creative mind to watching and considering each patient’s healing process.

He has brought new remedies into the homeopathic texts and through his meticulous research and dedication, has added to the understanding of many, many homeopathic medicines, from which thousands of homeopathic patients have received profound benefit.

Laurie Dack

A homeopathic practitioner in Vancouver, Canada for 30 years, she was co-founder of the NASH (North American Society for Homeopathy). She has taught at the Vancouver Academy for Homeopathy in Vancouver and the Northwestern Academy forHomeopathy in Minnesota for 20 years. She presents at many homeopathic conferences and seminars all over the world.

Dr. Rajan Sankaran is the generational leader of homeopathy worldwide. The evidence for this flat statement is seen in the worldwide sales of his textbooks (over 25 books, many translated into 20 different languages), his seminars scheduled in virtually every country of the world that practices homeopathy, in the success of his international school (The Other Song Academy) and in his organizing of international unifying conferences.

The field of homeopathy has three main pillars of study. These are traditionally named:

  1. Homeopathic philosophy (meaning the theoretic underpinnings of our work).
  2. Homeopathic Materia Medica (meaning knowledge of our medicines – or remedies as we call them).
  3. Homeopathic case analysis (including techniques of case taking, the tools of analysis such as the homeopathic repertories, and specific methods and rules of analysis which lead to the proper choice of these remedies).

Dr. Sankaran began to contribute new knowledge and ideas in all these areas of study. Many of these contributions were radical (though now largely accepted) at the time. These contributions were transformative and led to further research by many authors to clarify different aspects of his work. In short, Dr. Sankaran’s work and ideas led to a virtual explosion of research, entirely new journals, study groups and new organizations in the field of homeopathy.

Because of his vast patient experience (many thousands of cases) and his famously generous policy of consulting on difficult cases of others, Dr. Sankaran developed the most nuanced understanding of remedies of any homeopath. He is a recognised master of homeopathic remedies including an encyclopedic knowledge of the writings of past masters in this area.

Despite his achievements Dr. Sankaran is a remarkably humble and approachable person. It is not our goal to set him as a paragon. Rather he is a very human and yet generous soul. And this leads us to the final points we would like to make about Dr. Sankaran: his ability and willingness and conviction that he should act as a bridge to other leaders in our field.

Organising a series of international conferences, Dr. Sankaran brought thought leaders from many countries and many backgrounds together to foster unity among homeopaths. These conferences were attended by thousands directly and through video and written transcripts. Additionally, Dr. Sankaran has funded or contributed to homeopathic institutions throughout the world. He personally financed the computer analysis system (the company now named Synergy) to save it from bankruptcy. He has donated proceeds of his seminars to many homeopathic organisations. He regularly teaches and consults at charity hospitals in India.

In short, this is a person who has put his entire life energy into one field of medicine –body, heart and soul (and bank account). He is the generational leader of our field.

Roger Morrison & Nancy Herrick