What is Dr. Sankaran’s Online Homeopathy Clinic?

Dr. Sankaran’s Online Homeopathy Clinic, an online platform serving patients and doctors by eliminating the boundaries of quality healthcare via online video consultations, managing patient’s medical records.

How can I access Dr. Sankaran’s Online Homeopathy Clinic?

Dr. Sankaran’s Online Homeopathy Clinic is available across computers, smartphones and tablets.

Are all the Doctors available round-the-clock?
No, the doctors are available as per pre-determined consultation hours. The relevant information can be checked from https://rajansankaran.com/
Which doctors are available for consultation in this portal?

At Dr. Sankaran’s Online Homeopathy Clinic, we have a dedicated team of practically high qualified doctors who attend to you personally, beginning right from your first consultation through your entire treatment process. They have been exclusively trained under Dr. Rajan Sankaran as Homeopathy is an art and it needs high training and sophistication. Considering the versatile nature of homeopathic treatments, any of our expert doctors are entitled to treat each case. They are: Dr. Faiza Khan, Dr. Kshiti Mehta, Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad & Dr. Sonali Bhonsle.

Can I consult Dr. Rajan Sankaran himself?

Only special cases will be referred to our Super Consultant – Dr. Sankaran, by our panel of expert doctors.

What will be Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s (Super consultant) fees?

One-time opinion of the case with Dr. Rajan Sankaran will be INR 10,000. He will consult the case and refer it back. (Referral depends on discretion of the Dr in charge.)

What are the Specialities offered by Dr. Sankaran’s Homeopathy Clinic?

Endocrine Musculoskeletal General Women and Child Health Skin and Hair Respiratory Ailments

What other holistic approach is practised at Dr. Sankaran’s Homeopathy Clinic?

Diet: Private Nutrition Counseling is for individuals seeking to holistically change their life beginning with a strong focus on balanced, whole nutrition. Yoga: We take care of preventive and curative aspects of health care in chronic ailments such as hypertension, back pain, bronchial asthma, diabetes, etc. with Yoga. Physiotherapy: Our experienced doctors judiciously plan the course of your recovery, assisting you to regain your independence, thus rebuilding your self-esteem and positive attitude.

How do I speak to a doctor over the phone?

You will be able to speak with the doctor only through a video consultation after booking an appointment with him. You cannot directly call and talk to a doctor here.

What is the consultation structure and fees?

We offer 3 packages:
One Month Package = New Case + 2 Acute Calls (each month)
Three Months Package = New Case + 2 Follow Ups (1 follow up per month)+ 2 Acute Calls (each month) ~ Recommended
Six Months Package = New Case + 5 Follow Ups (1 follow up per month) + 2 Acute Calls (each month)

Note: Medicines cost is included. Free Shipping across India.
More than 2 acute calls will be charged extra.

Which is the most ideal consultation package?

We would highly recommend for a patient to select the 3 months consultation package as it will allow us to understand and treat the patient holistically.

Can I opt for more than 2 acute calls?

Yes, more than 2 acute calls will be chargeable at INR 200. It will be implemented at the discretion of the Doctor.

What is a follow-up package for?

It should be used when you need non critical care, for a follow up or second opinion, reviewing medical reports, initial treatments etc.

Do you deliver medicines at home? What will be the cost to procure medicines? Will it be included in the consultation packages?

Yes, the medicine cost has been included in the respective consultation packages for patients based in India. Patients residing outside India will be charged extra for medicines & delivery.

How can I consult if I am overseas?

Since you are signing up from outside of India (we can’t currently accept payments via international credit cards on the website), please fill this form & we shall get back to you:

International Appointment

Please note: This portal is only for Indian patients.

Can I extend the consultation by 5 /10 mins?

Like any other consultation – if the doctor feels there is any need – he/she will extend it. The consultation will end only when doctor closes it.

Can I collect my medicines?

Yes, you can collect your medicines from our Mumbai office.

I have a question and i can't see that here. What can I do?

You can submit your inquiry to us through Email at – You can submit your inquiry to us through Email at – info@rajansankaran.com or you can visit our contact us page and fill the Inquiry Form. We will get back to you with detailed info on your inquiries. or you can visit our contact us page and fill the Inquiry Form. We will get back to you with detailed info on your inquiries.

Technical FAQs

How do I make a payment?

Our payments are secured & processed by Razorpay. We offer domestic debit & credit cards, UPI and various payment wallets.

Is your payment gateway safe & secure?

Yes – we work with best-in-class service providers who offer security standards at par with the best.

How to book an appointment?

1. Select & Purchase Package as per your requirements –https://rajansankaran.com/free-advisory-call/

2. After the payment the patient can log in to their backend portal for booking an appointment with the doctor – 

3. Once you are logged in to your patient portal, go to appointments tab and click on + Add Appointment Button.

4. Select Doctor

5. Select Service as Telemed

6. Select Appointment Date & Time Slot as per the availability.

Kindly book the appointment and fill the patient case form well in advance so the doctor has sufficient time to go through the case before you start the digital consultation.

Case forms can be accessed from here –https://rajansankaran.com/faqs/

How to login to patient portal?

You can log in to the patient portal –

I am an existing patient. How to submit my case record/upload reports?

You can log in to the patient portal –

Open Patient Sessions

Click on the recent session with the doctor

Click on + Upload Report

What happens if the video call gets disconnected in between?

You shall be provided with an option to reconnect in such scenarios. Feel free to contact our support executive – 8657974108