The Synergy in Homoeopathy

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Traditional Classical Homoeopathy, with symptoms, rubrics and keynotes has stood the test of time. Introduction of newer, more contemporary ideas of kingdom, levels, miasms and sensation have brought Homoeopathy into a new paradigm. Never before has the connection between the patient and the remedy source been as clear.

These contemporary ideas have become very popular and have led to many successful cases. However, enamoured by success with this method, a whole new generation have started using it as a shortcut, and have sometimes neglected traditional knowledge. Read More

Review by Deborah Collins  Interhomeopathy – August 2015

This book most certainly lives up to its name in providing an integrative approach to case-taking and analysis. Drawing on more than thirty years of practice in a busy clinic, Rajan Sankaran, together with his team of colleagues, gives a complete overview of the possibilities open to us during a consultation, constantly reminding us to make use of each and every one when needed. With a very solid traditional training as the basis of his practice, Sankaran has gone on to develop new techniques over the years, making it possible to delve deep into the inner life of the patient and to find remedies that have not even been proved yet. His Sensation method appeals to the artistic side of many practitioners, encouraging them to follow the patient on an inward journey to the source, in a rather meditative manner.  This method has shown spectacular results and has gained much popularity in recent times.

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Book Reviews – Similia -The Australian Journal of Homeopathic Medicine – June 2013, Vol 25 No. 1, Page : 49
Reviewed by Dr. Shilpa Bhourakar, Australia

Dr Rajan Sankaran is a practitioner, thinker, teacher, and writer on the homoeopathic system of medicine. His concept that disease originates from a false perception of reality (delusion) was the subject of his first major book. He then discovered that our experience could exist on one of seven levels, beginning with the name and culminating in its sensory or energy experience. Here is a review of his latest book. Most of Dr Rajan Sankaran’s previous books describe his journey of going deeper and deeper into the patient’s core through the process of his case-taking and analysis system.

The emphasis was on being able to elicit the basic delusion or sensation in a patient and he created a system based on that, which can help the prescription. In so doing he has creatively evolved newer and more refined approaches in pursuit of improving the success rate.

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Book Reviews – Homoeopathic Links –  Autumn 2012, Vol. 25:  Page : 192 -196
Reviewed by Harry van der Zee, Netherlands

This is an important book in which the au­thor intends to illustrate how the Sensation Method he and his colleagues have devel­oped over the past years can be and should be integrated with traditional Classical Ho­meopathy. Throughout the years I’ve regu­larly asked authors of Sensation Method cases to show how their prescription could be supported through repertory and materia medica. In the excitement of using a new method that allows a fascinating jour­ney with the patient, solidifying the prescription through trusted tools was often lacking. I remember discussing this issue with Rajan some years back so I was happy when I heard that at the Toronto Summit in 2011 the integration of the traditional way of analysing a case and the Sensation Meth­od was the main topic. “The Synergy in Ho­moeopathy” is a result of that process.

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