Dr. Sarah graduated with a gold medal from Shri Kamaxidevi Homeopathic Medical College, Goa University.

Following this, she completed Masters Course in Advanced Homeopathy from ‘The Other Song Academy’, Mumbai. Dr. Sarah has had the privilege of working in ‘The Other Song’ academy and learning from many renowned homeopaths there.

She later worked as a Resident Doctor in ‘The Other Song’ under the guidance of Dr. Rajan Sankaran.

She collaborated with him in further developing the ‘WISE’ processes and in writing the book ‘From Shadow to Light: The WISE processes in Homeopathic case taking.’ She is assisting Dr Sankaran in developing the plant subclasses and superclasses in

Together with Dr Sankaran she has been conducting WISE session courses for participants both in India and internationally.

Along with Dr Sankaran she has been conducting WISE training sessions for doctors in India, Germany and Brazil , teaching them how to use the WISE processes in clinical practice.

She is currently working for Dr. Sankaran’s Clinic.

Dr. Sarah is part of the team at ‘Sampoornam Holistic Healing Centre’, Apti , Lonavala