Dr. Kyle Wulfsohn

Dr. Kyle Wulfsohn , (M.Tech.Hom) , MCAH

Dr Kyle is a homeopath from Durban, South Africa.

He obtained his Masters degree in homeopathy from the Durban University of Technology.

He also spent 6 months in India completing a Masters course in Advanced Homeopathy from The Other Song Academy and Clinic. Headed by the renowned Homeopath and Healer Dr Rajan Sankaran.

Since then he has continued his homeopathic career in India firstly interning at The Other Song Academy and then becoming involved in the organization and teaching of international courses in advanced homeopathic approaches to homeopaths from around the world.

Along with the furthering of homeopathic education he enjoys the clinical aspects of Homeopathic practice working in rural clinics in Africa as well as seeing patients in his private practice.

Currently he is also co-mentoring the Gurukul advanced practitioner course.